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Hattrick Online Soccer Manager Match Viewer App for IPhone

The new HT-SmartViewer, Part 2

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As the day gets closer that we've tested enough and feel confident to release the new HT-SmartViewer, I am writing some articles about the new features. That will hopefully get you guys excited to check the app out and give us great feedback. Just as we are used to already.

New Features 2 - League Infos

What it all comes down to in Hattrick is to win a championship, prevent going down a league and be better than the rest. How to measure the success better then by having a look into the league standings. In HT-SmartViewer Lite on the iPhone there was no chance to do that. That will change with the new version. League information will in the future be available in two different ways in the app, in the My League screen and in the Live Standing feature on the match screen.

The My League Screen

Pretty basic, but pretty important is the new My League screen in HT-S. One click and you can see the current standings in your league and you can click through the game days of the season. Additionally to your results, you will also see the results of the other league matches.

HT-SmartViewer My League Screen

We are aware that there is a lot of space for improvements here. So don't let us down and tell us your ideas for the My League feature. As usual you can that by Email, Guestbook, Forum or even Twitter and Facebook.

Live Standings

The Live Standings is a feature we are especially proud of. During league games of any team you are watching the league gets loaded and updated with all the games in the league. Come the last game of the season you don't want to miss these infos. The excitement to see who shall stay in the league and who has to go, in real time.

HT-SmartViewer Live Standings Slide Over

The feature comes as a slide over view on the match screen. When there is no game you can still open this view and see the standings of the currently selected team. So you can basically see the league of any team you want on your iPhone.

What's next?

In the next couple of days before the release I will keep adding some more previews. Most importantly the Match View and the new Stats View. Don't forget to sign up for the newsletter to not miss the release.

Have a good one, Stephan

The new HT-SmartViewer, Part 1

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As announced earlier, the last weeks we were busy to create a new version of the HT-SmartViewer. We got a lot of great feedback and had some ideas our selfs and based on that we did some major changes. Additionally we came up with a new business model. So in this article I will share some thoughts on that with you.

Furthermore I will start writing about the new features and show some screenshots. I will continue that over the next days until the release. We plan to submit the app to the AppStore after this weekend. Based on our experience, it then takes about a week before it gets approved and you can download it.

The Business Model

One Version for All

Initially we planned to have two products, the HT-SmartViewer Lite and HT-SmartViewer Full. We changed our plans. There will only be one HT-SmartViewer in the future without the "Lite". This release will be the first under the new name HT-SmartViewer.

All the stuff that you are used to from the Lite version and all the new features of this first release will still be free. We will only have a banner on some of the screens. Future releases will contain new modules that might be purchased via In-App-Purchase. Some other features will still get release free of charge.

What about Android?

We decided to not release an Android version anytime soon. I am sorry to disappoint people that were waiting for it, but right now we just don't have the resources to maintain versions for two different platforms. Additionally I know there are tons of good Android Apps out there already.

If the app is in a state that can be considered complete and we have established a good market position, then we will re-think this decision.

New Features 1 - The Home Screen

Removed Authentication Screen

Below are two screenshots of the home screen, before and after authentication. As you can see, we merged the authentication screen with the home screen. This will hopefully safe you from some confusion about unimportant information like your token. Once authentication is done you will also get faster to the important parts of the app, the actual features.

Facebook and Twitter Integration

Since we have quite a few followers on Twitter now and Facebook has over 600 Million users we thought it's a good idea to give you the chance to use the social media big shots even from the SmartViewer.

Right now its pretty basic. You can tweet a predefined message or post on your own Facebook wall. But depending on your feedback and our great visions ;) we will keep improving these features.

For everyone who doesn't care about that stuff, don't be afraid, nothing happens without your consent.

Your Team Logo

By downloading your team logo we hope to give you some more eye candy. Of course this is a feature only available for supporters. At least as of now.

New Buttons

My Team is now "My Matches" so don't be confused, but of course there is tons of new stuff behind that feature. More about that in a few days.

A completely new thing is the My League feature. Although its pretty obvious what to expect here, I will give some more insights about it soon too.


New SmartViewer Home Screen Signed OutNew SmartViewer Home Screen Signed In
New SmartViewer Home Screen Signed Out(left), New SmartViewer Home Screen Signed In(right)

Cheers, Stephan

News 03.04.2011

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We are online since nearly one month and we think it's time for a first summary. In general we are very satisfied with the reliability of the App. Another point we are very happy about, is the numerous amount of feedback and support we already received from the community. Thanks again and keep it up!

One aspect out of your feedback is the result of the poll we accomplished on our website. The question was: What kind of smartphone OS do you use? We expected more or less a balance between iOS and Android but the result is quite different and honestly we are a little bit surprised. 150 votes are maybe not sufficient to reflect the exact market shares but for us they are a good advice in how to direct our future development. Nevertheless we decided to improve our iOS solution first, to give you a complete view on your team and its activities as well as the opportunity to follow other teams more comfortable. If you have any ideas about additional features or handling, please let us know. There is still a possibility to influence the design!

The acutal version 1.1 has already been upgraded with further languages as Dutch, Italian and Portuguese. Also a small but very powerful setting has been added - No Sleep-when-Live. When activated, the iPhone won't go standby while watching a Live match. Unfortunately it's not yet working but a bugfix is already on the way to the AppStore. So we ask you for a little patient.

The new season is running since some days and the first league and cup matches have already been played. Maybe you already had the chance to follow your matches with HT-SmartViewer. If not, just try it and share your experiences with us.



Bugfix available

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Maybe you have already noticed in the Forum, the App was crashing when no upcoming match is available. This bug has been fixed with the release of the new version, HT-SmartViewer Lite 1.0.1. Thank you for your patience.

Portuguese will be the fifth language supported by the App with the next update. If you want to have the App in more languages, your help is appreciated. Just contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for the language file.



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