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Hattrick Online Soccer Manager Match Viewer App for IPhone

Problems Showing Events in Live Matches

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Update 02.11.2011

Unfortunately we need to inform you, that not yet all problems have been solved. After a long way of testing during the season’s first cup matches there is still one topic not yet working correctly. So we need at least the season’s first league matches next weekend for testing but we are very optimistic to upload a new version to App Store beginning of next week.

Sorry again!



The last few weeks HT-Smartviewer had problems to display the events in live matches, which affects all live features in the App. That also includes the Conference.

We are confident that we've found the bug and fixed it already. To make sure everything works 100% we are still want to spend some more time for testing. Latest for the new season, that starts end of October, an update will be in the App Store.

We want to apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience.



The Conference - A new Feature

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Today we want to introduce a new Feature, soon available for HT-SmartViewer. The Conference is a very powerful tool to follow up to 10 matches at the same time and on the same view. Be always up to date for all matches your are most interested in.

The conference view provides to following information per match:

  • Actual status and score of each match
  • Date, Crowd and Weather
  • When was the last event
  • Scorer information (minute of the goal and playername)

By clicking on a match, more detailed information and match stats will be shown as know from "My Matches". Each Conference can be named individually. A counter on the top shows the seconds until the next update.

You will be able to create up to 10 conferences. Adding teams can be done in different ways. You can either import them from your personal Hattrick favorites (only possible for Hattrick Support) or add a team or a complete league by ID. Your own team can always be added by just one click.

Unlike to the other features, the Conference will not be for free. You'll need to buy it via "In App Purchase" found within the App under "Info" > "Shop" > "HT-SmartViewer Live Conference Module".

The update will also provide some bugfixes. At the moment only English and German will be support but other languages as Spain, Portuguese, Swedish, Italian, ... are coming soon back.

So far, Enjoy!



The new HT-SmartViewer, Part 4

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Last Tuesday we submitted the all new HT-SmartViewer to the AppStore for review. It then takes about 7 days until an App gets approved and you can download it. That means there are only a few days left. To give you a preview of what to expect and why it's worth to checkout the new version of our Hattrick iPhone App we wrote a series of articles about the new features.

This is article number 4 and the last before the release. Below now some screenshots and infos about the new Stats screen.

New Features 4 - Match Stats

Since the beginning of this project we believed that stats are one of the most important information in Hattrick. They show you what you do good and what you can do better. Numbers don't lie. Therefore we always put a special focus on this part of the app. Of course we are not by far done here. And as usual we hope for your feedback. What kind of stats would you like to see in the next update of the HT-SmartViewer???

What you know from the Lite Version

We basically took all the stats features from the lite version into the full version. That is the regular match ratings for Midfield, Offence and Defense, the possession stats, HAT stats and spectator stats.

As you can see, we rearrange the stats into a paginated view. That should give all the stats enough space and makes them easier to read. Additionally we gave the possession stats a bar for better visualization of the numbers.

New SmartViewer Stats Screen1 Ratings and PossessionNew SmartViewer Stats Screen2 HAT Stats, Spectator and Match Income
Stats 1 Ratings and Possession(left), Stats 2 HAT Stats, Spectator and Match Income(right)

What's new?

Indirect Set Pieces, Team Tactic and Attitude

For the new release we added the things that were missing from the team ratings you are used to from the Hattrick homepage. That is the indirect set piece defence and attack skill, the selected team tactic and skill and last but not least the team attitude. Of course the later is hidden for any team but yours.

Match Spectators and Income

When ever you looked at the spectator stats when it wasn't your team in a home game in the old version of HTS (HT-SmartViewer) the values were n/a. It is understandable that Hattrick doesn't share these information with others than the team owner. To give you a rough estimate what your opponent has earned from your appearance at his arena we will now show an estimate of spectators distribution and income.

If you want to read about it in detail how the spectator/seat distribution is for games, based on fan attitude, weather etc. there is good article in the Hattrick Wiki (Stadium Expansion Theories). Based on this article we took an average value for each category.

Category% of Total SpectatorsPrice per Ticket
Terraces:58 %6,5 €
Basic Seats:22 %9,5 €
Seats under Roof:17.9 %18 €
VIP:2.1 %32,5 €

Since most people use arena sizers and based on that have a similar seat distribution among terrace, basic seats, roof and vip, the estimate is mostly pretty close. For your own teams home game the numbers will still be exact. Income will of course be shown in your league's currency. Based on the match type you can also see how the match revenue is split among the contestants.

Player Ratings and Team Experience

The last new feature is the display of the players star rating for the game. For now we keep it simple. Maybe later we will display the players on a grid with there position. Additionally you get the accumulated player's star rating for the beginning and end of the game and the average team experience.

New SmartViewer Stats 3 Player Stats, Stars and Experience

That is it for now. Once again, we look forward for your feedback and hope you enjoy the new HT-SmartViewer.


The new HT-SmartViewer, Part 3

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Testing of the new HT-SmartViewer is almost done and so we started to get some translations going. So that anyone can enjoy the Hattrick match viewer in his own language. If anyone wants to help out and see the App in there language send us a quick email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or post in the forum.

Part 3 of our little preview series is about the improvements we did concerning the display of match data. Of course we tried to consider as much of your great feedback as possible.

New Features 3 - Match Data

The Match Screen

To make it more intuitive to see what event belongs to which team, we rearranged the way the events are aligned. The minute will still be on the left side. Events for the home team will be left aligned as well, but events for the away team will be right aligned. Neutral events will be centered. Coming from the old design, it might be a bit confusing at first. Based on our experience you will get used to it pretty quickly and then the event list is way easier to read than before.

New HT-SmartViewer Match Screen

Another handy addition is the sound and vibration support in case of a new event. From now on there will be a sound and vibration (only vibration if you've muted the sound on your phone) each time a new event occurs in a live game. Combined with the possibility to prevent that your phone goes in standby during a live game, you can place your phone anywhere in the room and don't miss anything without permanently checking the phone.

Right now there is only one sound and it plays no matter what the new event is. Of course you can turn the whole sound/vibration thing off if you like. We are looking forward to your feedback on that. How would you like to extend this feature?

Similar to the Home Screen you can see the logo of the team you have selected to watch. That can be either your team or a favorite of yours. That of course only works if the selected team is a supporter and has a logo setup in Hattrick. Otherwise a default image will be displayed.

The Match List

On the match screen is a new button called "Matches". This button will lead you to a screen with a list of all your matches. The list is sorted by date and displays the match result, if any already. I little icon in the front will indicate the match type. Clicking on one of the matches will bring you back to the match screen with the content of the selected match. Especially if you want to navigate far back or just want an overview over the upcoming games you will have your joy with this new option.

New HT-SmartViewer Match Select Screen

The Match Stats

As you know from the former versions, clicking on the "Stats"-button will take you to the match stats. This area saw a lot of enhancements and will keep getting a lot of our attention in future releases. The next article will contain details about what to expect on the stats screen in the new version of HT-SmartViewer.

Stay tuned,

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