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Hattrick Online Soccer Manager Match Viewer App for IPhone

Hi to everybody

At first we want to say Hello to everybody out there and welcome you to a Hattrick supporting tool of the newest generation.

We think that it must be easier and more clear represented for you as a Hattrick manager to follow your league, cup or even your firendly match on a smartphone. Our first goal is to provide you the most important facts of your match by only 2 clicks. Since this project is based on a long term strategy we will keep on developing to provide you a regulary updated smartphone App.

But .. I need to calm down myself .. no more than a week ago, we got the first go from Hattrick for the development. So we are in the fledgling stages and we want use the NEWS to update you regulary with the current status, features and occuring problems.

CU soon!


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What kind of feature do you want next?

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