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Hattrick Online Soccer Manager Match Viewer App for IPhone

HT-Smartviewer has been Released

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We are very happy to inform you about the Release of the HT-SmartViewer 1.0. Since Tuesday the App is available on AppStore. Try to use it for the qualification match at the weekend or for your next friendly.


We already got a lot of feedback which will help us to develop the App along your needs. Thank you for that!


Also the first major bug has been highlighted. If there is no upcoming match and the last match is older than 10 hours the App will crash. This situation only occurs between two seasons when no further matches are scheduled and no friendly match is arranged. The Bug has already been fixed and sent to Apple for review. You'll get it within the next days.


We hope you enjoy the first impressions.


We’ll keep you posted. Stay tuned!




Status update and Business Concept

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Since yesterday the testing phase is finished and the SmartViewer is now under review by Apple. After all, these are very good news. Unfortunately this also means that we might not meet our targeted release date. Since nobody knows how long the review process exactly takes, there is a chance you will not be able to follow your last match of this season with the SmartViewer. Fortunately the next season starts soon.

Now is also a good time to give you some insights on our business plan. The first version is a Lite Version and absolutely free of charge. We integrated a small iAds banner within the App that will of course not have any impact on the usability. In parallel we are working on a Pro version which will be offered for a small price.

But first, before we release any new versions or bigger updates, except for bug fixes. We want you to heavily use the SmartViewer and ask you to give us as much feedback as you can, so that we can improve the App according to the needs of the community. Therefore please use the forum, the contacts or the guestbook on our website!

Some of the new features will then also make it in to the Lite version. One new feature, already provide with version 1.0, is the support of 4 languages. English as default, German, French and Spanish.

That’s it for the moment. Keep your fingers crossed that the review is a success.

We’ll keep you posted. Stay tuned!



Actual Status and Preview

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At first we want to wish you all a Happy New Year and all the best for 2011 for your real life and also for your carrier as a Hattrick manager.

Now let's come to the actual status for the iPhone version of the SmartViewer. Things going very well so far. What we already did is:

  • the content of the version 1.0 is defined (more about it in the next newsletter)
  • the login and authentification process with OAuth and the general communication with Hattrick are programmed and working
  • recent matches of your own team and the first related information will be displayed
As you can see, we worked hard during the Christmas holidays. But there is still a long way to go. At the moment the development of the following features is in progress:
  • collecting of event data from Hattrick and integrating them into the App
  • designing a unique and pleasant layout e.g.  logos, icons and the presentation of match events
  • improving the data storage on the iPhone
These issues are going to be finished within the next days. Afterwards another big topic is waiting to be worked on. The usability of the App under the slogan "Keep it Simple". But, this is not just one topic out of others, from our point of view, it's the central feature of this project. Therefore your feedback is very welcome. Please get in touch with us via guestbook or contacts!
Finally we are proud to present you our App Icon which will later be shown on your Smartphone to start the App. We hope you like it, as we do :)
We'll keep you posted! 

Version 1.0 of the HT Smartviewer iPhone App

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Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is maybe the right phrase to describe the situation we are in. The programming is finished and we are in the testing phase now. Some bugfixes and minor improvements have to be done.

As you maybe already noticed we got the CHPP license form Hattrick. Due to some administrative issues we need some more days to publish the SmartViewer but we are optimistic to give you the chance to follow at least your last match of the season

Now we want to give you some details about the features of the first version. With the App you have access to finished and to ongoing match reports of any team you want. Additionally you can see the next few upcoming games. The national and youth teams are not included yet.

If you want you can watch your match live, minute by minute. An update frequency from 1 to 15 minutes can individually be chosen. Already loaded data will be stored in an internal database to reduce traffic and boost performance.

The match presentation is equal to Hattrick. The events will be linked with icons and presented with the detailed information.

With Version 1.0 the following features will be provided:

  • developed under the latest CHPP 2.0 standard
  • secure permission to the user data via OAuth
  • direct link to the matches of the managers own team
  • with the favorites a direct link to matches of other manager
  • import favorites from Hattrick favorites (only available for Hattrick supporter)
  • Some stats will be provided after a match is finished (match ratings, HAT stats, spectator stats and possession)

Soon you will find more information about the features with screenshots on our website under “Features”.

We’ll keep you posted!

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