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Hattrick Online Soccer Manager Match Viewer App for IPhone

The all new HT-SmartViewer Version 1.3 for iPhone is available now.

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The all new HT-SmartViewer Widet 1.0 for Android is available now.

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My Youth – a new Module and Update of My League

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Version 1.4 of HT-SmartViewer as already been sent to Apple for validation and will be available in AppStore within the next days. With this update we provide a new IAP module "My Youth", extend "My League" with new features and last but not least add Tournament matches. Unfortunately live data are not yet available for tournament matches but match events, results and stats are visible as known form other match types after the match has been finished.


The youth is an important and exciting feature for Hattrick managers. Those of you using the youth club will soon be able to follow their youth team with HT-SmartViewer. As known from the senior team you can watch your matches live and review them by means of various statistics. But especially for youth players the development of the players is the more interesting part. To meet this requirement we entered into a new area - Player Details.

Get access to current and potential skills, specialties and many more. But two features need to be highlighted more intensive. Directly after a match has been finished and with the training update skills may change. To provide a better overview and grant a more efficient navigation we added an indicator on the player list. The second one the discover function. This is the first time you are able to interact with Hattrick. Discovering a skill with HT-SmartViewer will have the same effect on Hattrick itself.

Youth Player OverviewYouth Player Details

We are convinced that this module is a very helpful addition for HT-SmartViewer which offers much better possibilities to manage your club via Smartphone. For sure there is space for improvements and some updates are already planned for the next version. If you have any ideas, just let us know!


Additionally to the new module we engaged with "My League". For a smoother way of analyzing your next opponent and thinking about potential tactics we linked the match details directly behind the teams and matches of your league.

Compare your team and players with competitors with two new league stats - "Team of the Week" and "Top Scorer".

Team of the WeekTop Scorer

That's it for now. Once again, we look forward for your feedback and hope you enjoy the new version of HT-SmartViewer.



Your HT-SmartViewer Team


Hattrick Android Widget V1.0

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We have just released a light weight and simple Hattrick widget for the Android platform.

The first version allows you to see the last two played and the next upcoming match of your Hattrick football team.

There are plenty of good Hattrick apps for Android already and that is why we thought we try to focus on providing a cool widget for your Android device. Obviously the widget doesn't do to much right now, but we hope for your feedback and ideas, to improve the widget step by step. As always you can reach us via Forum, Twitter, Facebook, Email and Guestbook.

Android Widget for Football Manager


Preview of Version 1.3

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Today we want to introduce version 1.3 of HT-SmartViewer. It has already been uploaded for validation and will soon be available in the App Store.

With this version we are updating the basic module of HT-SmartViewer. Since we were not absolutely happy with the layout and the organization of the Home Screen, we created a complete new design and restructured the functionality.

New Home Screen

We also added some new features. The most important one is the presentation of National Team and U-20 Team matches. As for all other teams they can be added to your favorites and to every conference. Only the standings for qualifications and world cups are not available yet. They will be implemented with a later version. Herewith we made another step to an unique all-in-solution.

Besides some smaller bug fixes and improvements we added a new match statistic - the Average Team Skill. It is another way to compare two teams and to judge if a result is traceable or not.

National Team Matches New Home Screen

New Home Screen

Please enjoy this new version and especially the new layout. Any feedback is appreciated.

We also want to inform you, that the Lite version of HT-SmartViewer will be deleted from the App Store within the next days.

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